[Report] Epoch 297 and CANDY COIN

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[Report] Epoch 297 and CANDY COIN

It is Haniwa that the technical staff of the pool. Epoch 297 had no block generation.
Epoch 298 has a leader assignment. So that block generation succeeds
I will prepare as much as I can.

Has leader 1 assignment

This pool belongs to the SPO Japan Guild community.
In order to help update Cardano and the stable operation of CANDY POOL, such as pool settings
We are exchanging information.
[Total block generation quantity:4]

Today we are making a small gift for the person who delegates we talked about a little earlier
We were talking about it. I would like to introduce some of them. What should I do with the distribution method by coming here
I’m worried about it. Specifically, mint and hand it to the person who contacted you want it, or the one who has been delegated
If you want it, it’s the difference between accessing your own site and receiving it.
By the way, the following is a CANDY POOL original coin called Candy Coin.

In addition to bronze, there is another special edition, silver and gold.
It is created so that all coins are rotated.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message via DM on Twitter.

Today is around here.
The technical staff of CANDY POOL [Haniwa] sent it to you.
Have a good staking life.