[Report] Epoch 291 and CardanoCity

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[Report] Epoch 291 and CardanoCity

There was no block generation in the 291 epoch, but how are you doing?
Admin B that’s Haniwa. This pool belongs to the SPO Japan Guild community.
Purchase Cardano updates and configuration information for programs running in pools
It is useful for stable operation of CANDY POOL.
[Total block generation amount: 3]

“cardanocity” When you search for Cardano or ADA on Twitter, etc.
There may be things you see. By paying a certain amount of ADA
I get my own room at random… To explain briefly, this is the end of the word
I think it’s quite addictive. I was curious too, but I felt that the ADA to pay is sober
I couldn’t get my hands out. Then, “Admin A” of our pool gave me a gift.

I personally think the neon of Ouroboros is cool.
I think it would be cool if I actually made this. And the stand on which dual monitors are on is a cardboard box? wooden box?That’s a little funny. I have a feeling that I didn’t have enough money. Is there a sound of whiskey on the desk And for some reason there are two glasses. Who is the opponent?… Is it only me who imagines such as?

CardanoCity is an NFT with strong gacha elements, and there are rare items that you can’t easily see.
There are 27 items in this room, but the number of items doesn’t seem to be constant. Admin A”
When I bought the second room, I was hitting a discarded room. By the way, there are 10 items.
Maybe you could win a rare room with asset value
Please use it on a planned basis…

So today is around here.
Haniwa sent it to you.
Have a good staking life.