[Report] Epoch 289 and Alonzo

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[Report] Epoch 289 and Alonzo

There was no block generation in 289 epoch, how are you doing?
Admin B that’s Haniwa. Will spring come to CANDY POOL?
[Total block generation amount: 3]

The long-awaited Alonzo has been doing it!
I was waiting for that time while famous people were streaming live.
I was watching the moment when I switched too.

The switch was in a moment, and as it was commonplace, it switched without a blink.
I looked at the server log of CANDY POOL later, but it is output as one line.

I don’t think there’s a particularly big mess after the update. CANDY POOL is normal operation at least.
However, it seems that there are phenomena such as the PC version of Yoroi Wallet not opening or the numerical value is not normal.
You may have no choice but to wait for EMURGO to respond.

I am sure that the implementation of smart contracts will make CARDANO ADA more exciting.
And I study every day so that Haniwa can also be the gimmick.

So today is around here.
Haniwa sent it to you.
Have a good staking life