[Report] Epoch 292 and when will delegation rewards occur

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[Report] Epoch 292 and when will delegation rewards occur

There was no block generation in 292 epoch, how are you doing?
Admin B that’s Haniwa. This pool belongs to the SPO Japan Guild community.
In order to help update Cardano and the stable operation of CANDY POOL, such as pool settings
We are exchanging information.
[Total block generation amount: 3]

Conditions for rewards to occur

As a prerequisite, “1 epoch” is 5 days.
And the conditions for generating rewards are as follows.

  1. 2 epochs from the delegated epoch will not be rewarded
  2. Only epochs in which blocks have been generated will be entitled to be rewarded
  3. You will be rewarded 2 epochs after the epoch where the block was generated

This example explains when delegation remuneration occurs in the current epoch 293.
The right to receive compensation does not occur during the following period from condition 1 of compensation accrual.
・Epoch 293, 294 September 28 (Tue) 6:44 ~ October 8 (Sun) 6:43
Assume there was block generation in the pool you delegated to epoch 295.
And the reward will be generated after 2 more epochs. The dates and times are as follows.
Epoch 297 will be rewarded automatically after around 6:44 on Monday, October 18.

In short, the reward occurs after the start time after 5 epochs including the epoch from which the delegation was initiated
It means that.

How do you know block generation

The following sites are useful.

Enter the delegated TICKER name in the search box in the red frame. This pool is CANDY
Click the right arrow mark in the detail column at the right edge of the image
Click on the block around the red frame
Displays as many rows as you generated the block. If there is no block, nothing is displayed

I explained roughly, but in the case of this pool, whether the block was generated or updated on Twitter
I would like you to see it from time to time because it mutters. I want to know quickly! For those who say
If you can DM me on Twitter, I will answer.

There are other sites that you can look at.
How to generate blocks and view rewards for each site will be posted at a later date.

I was going to explain it briefly, but how was it?
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message via DM on Twitter.

So today is around here.
Haniwa sent it to you.
Have a good staking life