[Report] Epoch 285 and quotes

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[Report] Epoch 285 and quotes

Japan is a weekly weather forecast that seems to get out of the second rainy season, but how are you spending time?
This is the administrator Haniwa.
epoch 285 also had no block generation orz
[Total block production amount : 3]

ADA’s market continues to rise today.
bitcoin and ethereum are also going up
The rate is a little higher in ADA, so it may be worth it too.

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As of 8/23 23:50 Japan Time. It was over 320 yen at the moment of this day
ADA chart for the past month as of 8/23

I’m wondering what happens after ADA is available for purchase at bitpoint.
If you are thinking of having a virtual currency ADA as an asset
Please consider delegating to our pool by all means.
“Delegation” is not deposited like a deposit, your ADA is locked
This does not mean that you will not be able to send or receive
In the unlikely event that the pool you delegated suddenly runs out, the ADA is still there
Please rest assured.

So here today.
Admin Haniwa has sent you.
Have a good staking life.