[Report] 283 Epoch and BitPoint

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[Report] 283 Epoch and BitPoint

The server is running stably even in 283 epoch.
And now epoch was also not assigned to block generation schedule 😭

Total block generation: 3

Whether it is assigned to a block generation schedule
The current delegation of this pool is about 600k units and the factor due to luck will be stronger.
As a pool operator, whether there is any abnormality on the server,
It only performs routine monitoring and maintenance to ensure that the server is running stably.

It was announced that bitpoint, a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, will start handling ADA currencies.
I expect it to be a best practice when buying ADA currencies.
And our pool will be the best practice as a delegate!

We will continue to maintain the pool server to ensure stable operation.
So here today.
Have a good staking life.